Claiming Spanish Floor Clauses and other costs from Britain during the pandemic

The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has meant many changes; but can the pandemic stop you from claiming Floor Clauses and other unfair costs imposed by Spanish banks?

The short answer is: no. In fact, you do not even have to worry about travelling or getting your Spanish dictionary out. You can hire a trusted team of British-Spanish lawyers to take care of your affairs, while you try to make the most of the (certainly less reliable) British sun this summer. Let’s see how.

No travel, no problem: solving your Spanish claims dispute from the UK

One of the most common questions for many Britons today is: “When will we be able to travel to Spain on holiday?”. After weeks at home, just the thought of a sunny beach, a cold drink and a sea breeze is enough to make us long for the return of low-cost flights. Many are saving their holidays, expecting to use them once restrictions are lifted. It is more difficult, though, to be patient when one needs to travel to Spain to solve claims related to their real state purchase, maintenance or sale.

Indeed, for those awaiting the outcome of legal disputes with Spanish banks, the pandemic’s limitations on international travel can add an extra burden. While some flights are available, these are meant for essential travelling: chiefly, for Spanish nationals to return home. Even if one were able to get a ticket, you would most likely be isolated for two weeks on arrival. And, even then, there is no guarantee that the courts, offices and other relevant bodies would be available to deal with your case. In short, it sounds like an impossible mission.

If you have already been preparing for months to start your case against your bank, it feels like a missed opportunity to leave it like that. What if you have not yet started your legal claims? Remember that, under both Spanish and European law, you are entitled to a refund on extra interest paid if your mortgage included an unfair “Floor Clause”. Spanish banks have also been found to insert unrequested financial products, or employ unfair mortgage indexes to increase cost for borrowers.

In short, while you might be at home waiting this one out, banks are still out doing business! Perhaps confinement is the best moment to put your affairs in order.

British solicitor? Spanish abogado? Why not both!

Let’s imagine you do manage to go to Spain, in the current context. Do you remember how you felt the first time you tried to order at a Spanish restaurant? It can be hard to make oneself understood in a foreign setting. Can you imagine an exchange of specialised legal information with bank representatives, especially in these difficult (and busy) times? If things became serious, could you trust yourself with performing adequately in a Spanish-language legal arbitration?

Some British expats become so accustomed to Spanish ways that they feel confident they will be able to navigate the trickiest situation. However, for most of us, adding an extra layer of complication to an already challenging affair is not what we seek in these circumstances. It should be easy and direct; after all, you are enacting your legal rights! Even British lawyers find it difficult, as the legal and cultural differences make them lose vital time for their clients.

This is the advantage of Spanish Bank Claims’ binational team. Their knowledge of Spanish property, real state and tax law is unparalleled in the UK. A team of dedicated legal experts is ready to address any outstanding claims, or start an enquiry, from various areas in the country. At the same time, the London office can keep you informed and ensure that any UK safeguards are taken care of. Disputes will be solved differently according to your needs; perhaps mediation will be enough, and save you some time (and money).

There are many restrictions in place today. However, getting your money back from unfair practices by Spanish banks is still possible. Talk to our team today, they will take care of your case and design a specific strategy. If one could only hire someone as reliable to bring some of that Spanish sun to Britain!

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