Recovering unfair Spanish mortgage clauses without travelling to Spain

Not so long ago, we were dreaming the year ahead with terms like “Benalmadena”, “Peniscola”, “Ibiza”… Today, in times of pandemic, we have to get used to less exotic, more familiar names, like “Darlington”, “Milton Keynes”, or “Slough”. Yes, we have to adjust to the idea of spending the summer in the UK. We have to adjust to new ways of making the most of our gardens, parks and neighbourhoods.

Do we have to adjust to the idea of not getting justice, though? Recovering unfair mortgage clauses, among other things, was in the minds of many British expats who were planning their stay in Spain this Spring. Along visiting the beach and hiking under the sun, it seemed like a good idea to finally sit down and examine your mortgage contract. Now, it seems like it will have to wait another year…

As far as we know, though, we have not lost our consumer rights. In fact, confinement at home in the UK could be the best possible time to pursue your case. Even if you cannot travel to Spain, expert lawyers can help you out. How?

Hiring Spanish lawyers, through a British team

The way we work at Spanish Bank Claims is very special. First, because we are neither in the UK or in Spain. We are in both places at the same time! Our team has barristers and abogados, which is really helpful to safeguard you against fraud and abuse in both jurisdictions. Our Spanish team, moreover, is spread across Andalucia, Catalonia, Valencia, Ibiza… and the whole country, which makes them really knowledgeable on issues like regional courts, local exceptions and more.

But, before they start working for you, you have to start the conversation. If you already have an idea of something that does not look right on your mortgage files, you can let us know. If not, we will be ready to produce a report to inform you of your chances. It may well be the case that certain elements, such as interest terms or hidden fees, justify our action. We will then produce a budget linked to a legal process, of which you will be informed at all steps. The advantage is that, since our teams work on both countries at the same time, there will be no delays due to travelling; or misunderstandings because of cultural differences.

Safety guarantees for your Spanish mortgage claims

It is very likely that most of your issues will have a fairly quick resolution. Our lawyers have years of experience and awareness of the relatively slow pace of the Spanish legal system. Sometimes, even if you have full awareness of the law, it simply pays off to have someone on your side who knows the system from the inside. We will be transparent and honest about our procedures; all of our professionals are registered at the corresponding bar associations in both countries.

What is the alternative? You could attempt to manage your affairs over email or over the phone; if your Spanish is good enough. Due to current lockdown measures, Spanish businesses and official agencies are extremely short on time and staff. As a result, you could spend hours or even days waiting to get in touch with someone. While many of these issues would entail a short face-to-face chat for our lawyers, it could take weeks of back-and-forth for anyone who is communicating from Britain.

Gather your documentation, take a look at it, send it and start the conversation with us. Since we operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, we will not advise you to undertake any action if it seems unlikely to result in a favourable outcome. In short: if you cannot enjoy the beach this summer, make sure that you have no homework next time you take off for Spain! 

We work with all types of claims against Spanish Banks who charged unfair commissions or interest rates or illegal conditions. Read more about our services.