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Losing your holiday or retirement home in Spain is one of the worst fears for many British citizens. This can be the result of Spanish bank malpractice.

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Can You Stop My Property From Being Repossessed by a Spanish Bank?

The short answer is: yes. But each case needs careful consideration. Mortgage terms used to be very stringent for borrowers, and favourable for Spanish banks: they could repossess after just 3 months of missing mortgage payments! Recent legislation has extended these and other periods, opening up avenues for negotiating your mortgage terms, delaying repossession or effectively stopping it altogether.

Since the economy still very fragile and uncertainty in the horizon, it is possible that many borrowers who are already struggling will fall into negative equity, or start missing payments.

In other words, you are not alone. In fact, at Spanish Bank Claims we are proud to employ some of the best Spanish lawyers in the real estate, property and finance sector. Some have even won awards from consumer and human rights organisations. This, of course, with all the guarantees that come from being a British-based firm!

If you call us, we will be able to establish a course of action with your full mortgage terms, payment and other data. Your repossession can still be stopped if you act swiftly: you do not even need to travel to Spain. We will represent you to obtain the best possible outcome!

Which Steps Can You Take to Delay Repossession of My Spanish Property?

The first important step is to start negotiating. You are possibly tired or frustrated, so we will be more than happy to take over and ensure that your Spanish Bank is not taking advantage of unfair terms on your mortgage.

Through Power of Attorney (PoA), we will start a conversation and inform you at every step. Depending on your situation, there might be different expected outcomes.

Plus, it might be possible to keep your property: your bank is not necessarily interested in assuming repossession and maintenance costs.

We are experts at dealing with these financial institutions. With us by your side, they will not be able to treat you differently even if you do not speak the language that well.

Even if repossession is unavoidable, we can ensure that it happens in the best possible way, so no future claims are made over your assets. Our team has already won hundreds of cases, against small and big financial bodies. You can win too.

How does the negotiation with the bank work?

We are very careful in analysing your mortgage contract before deciding how to approach your bank. Since we have lawyers across the whole of Spain, we have experience with multiple entities and jurisdiction. Our preferred outcome is to solve matters directly with the bank; however, we strongly advise our British clients not to pursue this action independently. This is because, under the current legal regime, banks can settle without offering full compensation. We will ensure this is not the case.

Why do I need a lawyer to make these claims?

As you probably know, the Spanish legal system is quite different from the UK legal system. Equally, in terms of dealing with banks and other institutions, Spanish lawyers are better acquainted with the timings, formalities and paperwork expected by authorities in the country. Our team of expert lawyers has been dealing with abusive mortgage terms for a long time and can attest to a high degree of success.

Can I stop repossession?

Yes, you can. In the past, the Spanish legal regime used to offer little protection for those holding mortgages. Recent reforms have strengthened and increased the number of circumstances under which borrowers can keep their homes. We actually have some lawyers in our team who have defended clients and won landmark cases against financial institutions in Spain.

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