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Hundreds of our clients have successfully won their cases and renegotiated their debts by challenging unfair mortgage terms, repossessions and negative equity.

Many terms on recent Spanish mortgages have been declared illegal under local and European law. Our experienced team, geographically spread across the country, can represent you and make any claims on your behalf. There is no need to travel!

Spanish Bank Claims Steps

Start processing

Contact us to request a review of your mortgage and any other legal documents. Our team has won landmark cases and will be able to quickly assess if you are entitled to any claims.

We process

Our Spanish lawyers will immediately contact you bank to start the negotiations.

We will let you know the best course of action.

You solve your claim

You will recover any overpaid amounts, get rid of unwanted debt, stop an unfair eviction or arrive at a satisfactory conclusion for any of your issues with the bank.


*In relation to Floor Clause Bank Claims

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the negotiation with the bank work?

We are very careful in analysing your mortgage contract before deciding how to approach your bank. Since we have lawyers across the whole of Spain, we have experience with multiple entities and jurisdiction. Our preferred outcome is to solve matters directly with the bank; however, we strongly advise our British clients not to pursue this action independently. This is because, under the current legal regime, banks can settle without offering full compensation. We will ensure this is not the case.

How do you assess my mortgage?

We will need a copy of your mortgage deed “Copia Simple” and invoices of your mortgage expenses (notary deed expenses, land registry costs, property appraisal and other costs). The analysis of these documents is free of charge and our firm will let you know of the possible outcome. If you think that it is worthy for you to claim, you should know that our firm works in a “no win no fee basis”.

Why do I need a lawyer to make these claims?

As you probably know, the Spanish legal system is quite different from the UK legal system. One of the specific traits is that, in Spain, cases of this type only admit a single court process. Equally, in terms of dealing with banks and other institutions, Spanish lawyers are better acquainted with the timings, formalities and paperwork expected by authorities in the country. Our team of expert lawyers has been dealing with abusive mortgage terms for a long time and can attest to a high degree of success.

Spanish Bank Claim Experts

Spanish property, real state and financial experts and lawyers are here to answer more questions. They have won landmark cases against Spanish banks and other institutions, protecting consumer rights.

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