Unfair Spanish Mortgage Terms

Are you feeling tricked or unfairly treated by Your Spanish Bank?

Do you want to make a claim against them from the UK or wherever you are based?

Are you one of the many British expats with potential unfair mortgage terms in Spain? Don’t let the complexity of existing regulations make it difficult for you to obtain satisfaction. It might be even better NOT to travel to Spain, and let someone else take care of your problems. If you are living in Spain or UK based we can help.

How Do I know If my Mortgage Terms are Unfair?

First, it is very difficult to list all of them. In fact, without a lawyer like those at our multinational team, you might even think that your mortgage contract, and any related agreements, are completely legitimate.

This is because many abuses are listed under different names. For instance, the well-known “Floor Clause” is never literally listed as a “Floor Clause”. The same goes for other common abuses: IRPH, SWAP, unsolicited services, 360 Interest rates, and more. Our lawyers have even stopped evictions and repossessions against all odds. We can help you identify these issues before, during and after negotiations: don’t give up!

We recommend that you send us your mortgage papers, so we can offer you a full assessment. Travel is no obstacle: what you need is a strong legal team with decades of solid experience in the fields of real estate, property and financial affairs.

Make Your Claim from the UK or Another Country

When you feel tricked or unfairly treated by your Spanish bank, it is natural to want to face them personally. However, the current situation and the complexity of existing regulations might make it difficult for you to obtain satisfaction. In fact, it might be even better NOT to travel to Spain, and let someone else take care of your problems.

Thanks to Power of Attorney (PoA), which is easily agreed to online, you can allow one or more of our legal experts to represent you before British and Spanish courts. You will not need to hire two different legal teams: we are licensed to operate in both countries, regardless of the complexities involved in your case.

Can you imagine how much better you will feel if you can claim unfair mortgage terms from the safety of your home? Call us today and start planning your claim!

How can I identify unfair mortgage terms?

Even the well-known Floor Clause, which at one point was present in most Spanish mortgages, was hard to identify for Spanish homeowners. This is because unfair terms and conditions are written differently depending on the time, location or bank with which you signed the agreement. As a result, it is best to rely on an experienced lawyer, like the ones in our team, to assess your right to claim first.

Why do I need a lawyer to make these claims?

As you probably know, the Spanish legal system is quite different from the UK legal system. One of the specific traits is that, in Spain, cases of this type only admit a single court process. Equally, in terms of dealing with banks and other institutions, Spanish lawyers are better acquainted with the timings, formalities and paperwork expected by authorities in the country. Our team of expert lawyers has been dealing with abusive mortgage terms for a long time and can attest to a high degree of success.

How do you assess my mortgage?

We will need a copy of your mortgage deed “Copia Simple” and invoices of your mortgage expenses (notary deed expenses, land registry costs, property appraisal and other costs). The analysis of these documents is free of charge and our firm will let you know of the possible outcome. If you think that it is worthy for you to claim, you should know that our firm works in a “no win no fee basis”.

Does Your Spanish Mortgage Contract Contain Unfair Terms?

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